Sun Life Financial completes Tier Certification of Constructed Facility and receives Tier III award from Uptime Institute


Uptime Institute awards the Sun Life Financial Waterloo Data Centre Tier III Certified Constructed Facility (TCCF). Sun Life Financial is a leading international financial services company, offering a diverse range of insurance and investment products. The Waterloo facility is the organization’s primary data center for internal and external business processes.

A couple of years prior, Uptime Institute performed a Condition, Capacity, and Capability (3Cs) review, to give Sun Life Financial a better picture of how the data center measured up against the organization’s Tier III goal. Using the 3Cs, Sun Life Financial identified gaps and developed a plan to upgrade the existing data center to meet Tier III requirements.

The first milestone in the Certification process is Tier Certification of Design Documents (TCDD). Sun Life Financial completed this step during the first half of 2013, paving the way for the next milestone—TCCF. FOIL-R_SLF6791_Waterloo_TCDD_TIII_130503_RGBWhat is TCCF?

After receiving the Tier III TCDD award, Sun Life Financial upgraded the existing data center with no down time.

Sun Life Financial successfully completed the TCCF process with no issues or impact to operations. Executing on its design documents, Sun Life Financial installed multiple upgrades, including new switch boards, UPS systems, an engine generator, and static transfer switches. The upgrades—along with testing  and demonstrations—were performed off-hours with minimal impact on business operations. As a result of the upgrades, the team can now perform regular maintenance without impacting day-to-day business. Planned maintenance is critical to ensuring any data center meets its availability requirements.

Sun Life Financial also won a Server Roundup Award in 2013. The annual Uptime Institute Server Roundup contest was launched in October 2011 to raise awareness about the removal and recycling of comatose and obsolete IT equipment in an effort to reduce data center energy use.


Sun Life Financial removed 387 servers in 2012, which resulted in 32 kilowatts of power savings across three data centers and financial savings of approximately $8,800 per month.

Since the contest’s launch two years ago, Server Roundup participants have decommissioned and recycled 30,000 units of obsolete IT equipment.

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First Tier IV Certified Constructed Facility in Luxembourg


IMG_2584Uptime Institute recently presented EBRC with Tier IV Certification of Constructed Facility (TCCF) for their Kayl Resilience Centre South—the first Tier IV TCCF in Luxembourg, third in Europe, and ninth worldwide. Based in Luxembourg, EBRC offers data center, resilience, cloud, continuity, advisory, and managed services.

Tier Certification is an unbiased, third-party validation of each and every system, providing assurances that there are not shortfalls or weak links anywhere in the data center infrastructure. Facility Certification confirms that the facility was constructed, not just designed, to meet an organization’s chosen availability objective.

What is TCCF?

Uptime Institute Senior Consultant Debbie Seidman said that, “EBRC was prepared and overall, the demonstrations went well. They were interested to learn from the Uptime Institute team and take the knowledge gained from this site to improve future sites and enhance design, operations and maintenance.”

The Tier-specific demonstrations enhanced the commissioning process. One example was demonstrations with differing UPS module configurations (what modules were isolated and which modules were in operation). Other tests performed included operating for a period without the chiller to verify continuous cooling chilled-water storage capacity for the Tier IV requirement. The demonstrations verified sufficiently sized chilled-water storage for continuous cooling upon loss of utility power. The chillers are not on UPS power and will shut down on loss of utility power. After power switches to engine-generator sources, the chillers need several minutes to fully restart and run. During this time, the thermal storage provided chilled water to meet the cooling loads. During this continuous cooling demonstration, the chilled water pumps and CRAH fans were proven to continue operating on UPS power.

“What impressed me most about this project is not the ‘stuff,’ it is the people,” said Ed Rafter, Uptime Institute Principal. “The most compelling message taken from this EBRC TCCF demonstration is not the technical capabilities of the facility, which are significant, but the sense of commitment of management and the engineering personnel. Bruno Fery, EBRC Head of Datacentre Services, has sincerely empowered his engineering staff. They are truly significant contributors for the successful execution of the data center design, construction, and commissioning. Mr. Fery is one of those rare managers who relies on his people and they have risen to the challenge.”

Mr. Rafter went on to say, “All high-performance organizations are committed to their human assets’ contribution to the organization, but EBRC exemplifies this corporate thinking and culture. I expect we will hear much more on EBRC and their successes.”

EBRC Uptime Institute Certifications

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Uptime Institute supports initiative to attract veterans to the data center industry


The Armed Forces has provided a longstanding and capable resource pool for data center management, engineering, and operations. Uptime Institute itself, throughout its history, has thrived due to the contribution of veterans in key positions.

Members of the Uptime Institute Network (a knowledge community of data center operators and executives) have described the challenge of attracting, training and retaining staff as chronic.

As the data center industry faces a global shortfall in qualified candidates, veterans represent a unique resource pool to address what many inside and outside the Uptime Institute see as an impending crisis of experience in data center operations. Uptime Institute has undertaken multiple initiatives to raise awareness for both veterans and those looking to fill vacant positions in data centers.Veteran's Initiative

In the latest Uptime Institute Journal (V2), Lee Kirby, Retired Army Colonel and Uptime Institute SVP of Facilities Management, makes a case for veterans as data center talent and provides a practical course of action for those organizations interested in pursuing. Download Kirby’s article, “Resolving the Personnel Shortage in the Data Center Industry” here.

Before joining the Uptime Institute, Mr. Kirby founded Salute, Inc. an organization dedicated to hiring veterans for data center services with data center cleaning as the first entry position and progressing to installation and select maintenance services requiring disciplined labor.

Uptime Institute Network has formed a Veterans Subcommittee to proactively alert veterans to positions available with the data center industry. This is one remedy for the longstanding concern of Uptime Institute Network Members that the data center industry is hidden from those seeking to advance their careers in critical facilities engineering and management. Through this subcommittee, an impressive list of companies have committed to bridging veterans and data centers.

Uptime Institute is also organizing a forum to connect veterans with specific data center opportunities. For more information on Uptime Institute’s veterans activities, please contact Lee Kirby: [email protected] or visit

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Join our webinar to find out why you should apply for a Brill Award


BrillAwardsFinalA few weeks ago, Uptime Institute launched the Brill Awards for Efficient IT, and I have been working on it almost full-time. You can learn more about this program at a webinar we’re hosting on Tuesday, 29 October at 11 a.m. EDT.

In just a few weeks, our team:

• Established five new awards categories
• Realigned the program to have global relevance
• Reached out to the media to create awareness
• Developed scoring criteria
• Recruited 73 judges (with a few more expected)
• Started developing our online scoring system
• Announced a simplified entry system

At its core, the Brill Awards for Efficient IT program is a vehicle for disseminating information about meaningful work so that it can profoundly change the industry. Meeting this goal requires high levels of participation. We want to see as many good submissions as possible.

All the work so far, including finding a large panel of preeminent experts to serve as judges, can be viewed as party planning. Everyone is invited, directions and FAQs can be found on our website, the entry procedure is not complicated, and we’re even serving food at our VIP Brill Awards dinner at Uptime Institute Symposium in May.

Register for the webinar today to learn more about the Brill Awards!

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Digital Realty receives fourth Tier III Certified Constructed Facility award


Uptime Institute recently named the new Digital Realty data center in Deer Park, Melbourne, a Tier III Certified Constructed Facility (TCCF). FOIL_DLR6491_MEL11-STE110-120_TCCF_TIII_130927_RGB This was the fourth Tier III TCCF for Digital and the second in Melbourne, Australia.

Earlier this year, Digital Realty committed to having 20 data centers worldwide certified as Tier III by Uptime Institute. Digital Realty data centers have received six Tier Certification of Design Documents (TCDD) and four TCCF, with another six Certifications underway in Asia and Europe.

“Many providers claim to offer ‘Tier III’ data centers, but few have the discipline to seek the reality of Tier Certification,” said Julian Kudritzki, Uptime Institute Chief Operating Officer. “We are very pleased to be working with Digital Realty, which has made a significant investment in the Tier III Certification process across many new data centers on a number of continents. Digital Realty’s commitment to Tier Certification directly benefits an increasing number of customers that require highly reliable, resilient data center solutions.”

With this fourth TCCF, Digital Realty again demonstrates the importance of taking the potentiality of a TCDD on to the actuality of TCCF. (Read: What is Tier Certification of Constructed Facility?)

Digital Realty’s second Melbourne data centre is expected to be fully operational in November 2013.DigitalRealty_2up
The company’s first data centre in Melbourne and its data centre in Sydney also boast Uptime Institute’s Tier III Certifications of Design Documents and Constructed Facility.

Read the full press release.

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