Misssion Critical Magazine Webinar with Uptime Institute: Tier Certification


Uptime Institute VP Julian Kudritzki spoke yesterday on a Webinar about Uptime Institute Tier Certification, hosted by Mission Critical Magazine. You can listen to the archived Webinar here.

What is an Uptime Institute Tier Certification? Why would an organization choose to Certify its data center? What are the common myths and misconceptions around Uptime Institute tier Certification? Find out in this free webinar. It’s easy to register.

U.S. Bank, a Tier IV Certification owner, discusses the organization’s reasons for Certifying with Uptime Institute. “The Certification process is a little stressful, since we’re the conduit between the data center design, construction and financial groups. But it allowed us to sit down as an organization and understand our needs. A lot of us think we know our organization’s needs and expansion plans will look like, but until you get some expertise in the room and get the team together, it’s amazing what you find out that you did not know. We had a lot of discussions about where we wanted to be at the end of the project. I had to make sure the data center would meet the needs of the organization today, and would meet our needs for the next five years.”

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