Wildfire shuts down Los Alamos data center in record fire year

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Computerworld reports that the Los Alamos National Lab has shut down two of its largest supercomputers, as wildfires continue to burn near this sprawling New Mexico facility. According to the National Climate Data Center, there were 6,625 fires which burned approximately 1.1 million acres in May — the most acres burned during the month of May on record.

Terry Altom, Uptime Institute Professional Services consultant said smoke from wildfires could impact a data center. The filtration system may not remove all of the particulates. Therefore, smoke will reach the interior of the data center. Data center cooling units typically have smoke detectors within them to shut them down. If smoke has infiltrated the building, the smoke detectors will shut the units down.

Computerworld quoted Uptime Institute’s Vince Renaud, “Once the cooling systems are shut down you are kind of done.” Meaning that once cooling systems turn off, the IT equipment will hit their temperature thresholds rather quickly. At that point, systems have to be shut down, he said.

For buildings with VESDA systems, the problem could be worse because VESDA systems are more sensitive.

What is the life expectancy of a data center?

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How long can you expect a data center to last? Pitt Turner, Uptime Institute Executive Director, discusses the practical life expectancy of a data center, and how the decisions companies make up front determine the useful lifetime of a data center facility.

Can you build a Tier III data center with modules or pods?

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In this video, Uptime Institute Executive Director Pitt Turner answers the question on a lot of data center owner and operator’s minds: Can you build a Tier III data center using modular or containerized, pre-fabricated data center components. The short answer: Yes.

Uptime Institute Accredited Tier Designer testimonials

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In this new video, graduates of Uptime Institute’s Accredited Tier Designer curriculum discuss what they’ve learned from their experience, and the benefits of ATD accreditation to their organizations.

“As a professional in the data center business, especially where I come from, having a professional certification is a competitive advantage in the market. In fact, it is sometimes specifically mentioned in the RFP. Attending the ATD course has helped me tremendously in my career and organization,” said Adel Rizk, Engagement Partner at Edarat Group. “Having people from all different parts of the world, each bringing his own data center experience, makes the course very fruitful. Honestly, I carry the book from the ATD course everywhere I go.”

What do cloud computing companies and banks have in common?

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In this keynote panel discussion from Uptime Institute Symposium 2011, Christian Belady (Microsoft), Bob Cashner (Wachovia), Mike Wills (BMO Financial Group), and Matt Stansberry (Uptime Institute) discuss how IT organizations from different business verticals approach data center cost reduction. Belady represents a cloud computing provider, while Cashner and Wills represent large banking institutions. While these organizations couldn’t be more different, they do share motivation to be hyper-efficient and effective with data center resources.

“Financial institutions are very IT dependent,” said Wills during the session. “The data is so critical to a bank. If we lost customer data, our credibility would be gone, and in essence we’d start exiting the business. Managing that infrastructure at the right price point is extremely critical to us. If we’re not driving our costs down from an IT perspective, we’re creating a lack of profitability. If you take a look at what’s happening in banking, our investments in IT and the infrastructure is huge. We’re in the neighborhood of 40% of our reinvestment in IT. that’s what banking is all about — internet banking, telephone banking. You start looking at what’s happening in the capital markets, it’s all IT dependent. Everything is really relying on the infrastructure. Our job is to drive those costs down to the bare minimum, it’s the only way to move forward. There are parts of our business we’re not going to do as efficiently as a cloud provider. Running a payroll system? That can be outsourced.”

For the full session and other sessions full videos, check out Uptime Institute Symposium’s The Path Forward 2011. The Path Forward 2011 comprises the presentations, reports, case studies, and videos associated with the Uptime Institute Symposium 2011, The Disrupted Data Center: Cloud, Cost, Capacity and Carbon (May 9-12, 2011, Santa Clara, California). Although many of these materials are freely available, some items are reserved for Symposium delegates until August 1, 2011. Symposium attendees will be receive an email notification soon with a password to view the protected items.