Why apply for the Uptime Institute GEIT Awards?

Posted by Jeannette Beltran | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 05-12-2012


Why should you invest the time to complete an application for Uptime Institute’s Green Enterprise IT Awards?

Because implementing a successful project isn’t enough — you’ve got to TELL people about it.

GEIT Award Winners

Winning a Green Enterprise IT (GEIT) Award does just that. When you win a GEIT Award, the Uptime Institute — The Global Data Center Authority — announces on the world’s stage that your project demonstrates thought leadership, adherence to best practices, and bold innovation.

Winning a GEIT Award enhances your stature within your organization and increases the credibility of future projects you might champion. Winners receive a complimentary registration to present their case study at the annual Uptime Institute Symposium, so you’ll be able to share your Award-winning project with your peers in a 30-minute session. And because delegates will recognize you on sight as a GEIT Winner, your networking opportunities increase exponentially. After Symposium, your presentation and case brief are posted on the Symposium website for the benefit of the global community.

Winning a GEIT Award is smart business. Your project has already provided significant benefits in terms of increased productivity and cost efficiency, but winning a GEIT Award amplifies that benefit: When an independent team of international experts examines your project in a rigorous double-blind review process and determines that you’ve implemented the very best solution to produce the highest-impact result possible, clients sit up and take notice.

Apply now for the 2013 Green Enterprise IT Awards.