A Holistic Approach to Reducing Cost
and Resource Consumption

Too many executives are focused on improving
against a metric that will not provide significant cost
savings or energy efficiency gains. In this article,
Uptime Institute provides an approach to IT efficiency
that can drive significant savings.

Explaining Uptime Institute’s
Tier Classification System

This article explains what the Tiers look like today,
illustrates how Tier Certification works, list some
companies that have invested in Tier Certification,
and offers Uptime Institute’s vision for the future.

Avoid Target Fixation in the Data Center

Kaiser Permanente shares best practices in airflow
management, lessons learned across six data centers.
Kaiser reduced maintenance costs and increased
energy efficiency by shifting its thinking about
data center cooling.

How FORCSS Works: Case Study 1

Uptime Institute FORCSS is a means to capture, compare,
prioritize, and communicate the benefits, costs, and impacts
of multiple IT deployment alternatives. In this initial case
study, a global financial firm weighs its options for expansion
between renovating an existing site, new construction
and colocation.


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