Digital Realty contracts with Uptime Institute for 20 Tier Certifications


Press Release todayfrom Digital Realty Trust: Digital Realty Trust, Inc. (NYSE: DLR), a leading global provider of data center solutions, today announced that it has contracted with Uptime Institute to achieve Tier III certification for 20 of its new data center projects worldwide. To date, five newly completed Turn-Key FlexSM data centers have received Tier III certification, including two projects in Sydney and two in Melbourne, Australia, and one data center in Trumbull, Connecticut.

“As a global developer, operator and long-term owner of enterprise-quality data centers, we have long since designed our Turn-Key Flex solution to meet rigorous engineering and reliability standards,” said Jim Smith, chief technology officer for Digital Realty. “Working with Uptime Institute to obtain Tier III certifications for these new projects further demonstrates our commitment to meeting these high standards on behalf of our customers.”

“We are very pleased to be working with Digital Realty, which has made this significant investment in the Tier III certification process. Many providers claim to build ‘tier III’ data centers, but few have the discipline to go through the rigorous process of seeking actual certification,” added Julian Kudritzki, chief operating officer of Uptime Institute. “The devil is truly in the details, including fuel systems, design temperatures for extreme weather conditions, as well as the integration of electrical and mechanical systems. Digital Realty has made this commitment because it understands its customers’ needs for highly reliable, resilient data center solutions that are designed to operate under the most challenging conditions today and in the future.”

Rigorous uptime requirements and long-term viability are usually the reasons for selecting strategic solutions found in Tier III site infrastructure. Tier III site infrastructure solutions also have an effective life beyond the current IT requirement and are typically utilized by organizations that know the cost of a disruption—in terms of actual dollars—and the impact to market share and continued mission imperatives.

Uptime Institute created the standard Tier Classification System as a means to effectively evaluate data center infrastructure in terms of a business’ requirements for system availability. The Tier Classification System provides the data center industry with a consistent method to compare typically unique, customized facilities based on expected site infrastructure performance, or uptime. Furthermore, Tiers enable companies to align their data center infrastructure investment with business goals specific to growth and technology strategies.

Digital Realty’s Turn-Key FlexSM solution is a modular approach to delivering secure, enterprise quality data center space to meet customers’ just-in-time requirements. Designed to provide maximum flexibility, reliability and efficiency, each Turn-Key Flex facility comes fully commissioned with its own dedicated electrical and mechanical infrastructure. Utilizing Digital Realty’s proprietary POD Architecture® and extensive supply chain, Digital Realty’s next generation Turn-Key Flex data center solution is designed for the future and ready today.

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Shots from the first half of Uptime Institute Symposium 2013


It’s been an exciting few days in the opening of Uptime Institute Symposium 2013. We have a stellar lineup of speakers this year, and the content has been fantastic so far. Here are just a few images from the last few days.










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Samsung’s perspective on improving IT energy efficiency


Samsung is the 2013 underwriter of the Uptime Institute Server Roundup awards. As part of the sponsorship, Samsung Semiconductor’s VP of Marketing Jim Elliot will be presenting on the latest advances in IT hardware components at Symposium next week. You can read more about Jim’s presentation and Samsung’s commitment to Server Roundup here.

In this video, Samsung’s Director of Strategic Marketing, Dr. Sylvie Kadivar provides a preview of the keynote.

Stay tuned for more blog posts from the event, and I look forward to seeing all of you in Santa Clara next week.

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DCIM Panel to Focus on What Works: End Users Expected to Share Lessons Learned


By Kevin Heslin

I’m very excited about my panel on DCIM next week (Thursday at 4:30 pm) at the Uptime Institute Symposium. Not only are the panelists absolutely terrific, the session title, Putting DCIM to Work for You, expresses that this session will be different than most sessions on DCIM, which to my experience tend to focus on the promise of DCIM rather. My panelists, Twitter’s Eric KO, HP’s Ken Jackson, and Regions’ James Pryor, will instead focus on what DCIM can offer today.

I think it is fair to say that this panel will provide an interesting counterpoint to other Symposium panels, including David Schirmacher’s presentation covering Digital Realty’s experience with DCIM and Rhonda Ascierto’s presentation, Beyond the Basics: Procuring Data Center Infrastructure Management Software. Both sessions are on Tuesday.

For many companies, the promise of DCIM remains the promise of DCIM, with many surveys suggesting that the fragmentation of the DCIM market is an impediment to broader adoption. Pundits consistently survey the data center community to find the reasons that adoption rates lag earlier predictions.

In addition to fragmentation, they find

  • Cost
  • Confusing price structure
  • Difficulty of implementation
  • Complexity
  • Too many features to meet user needs
  • Too few features to meet user needs
  • Uncertain results

We can boil this list down to one essential: Vendors make the promise of DCIM attractive, but shortcomings of the product category undercut the value proposition.

In one regard, Ko, Jackson and Pryor are like everyone else. They run critical data centers for companies that have little tolerance for downtime. However, they chose to wade through the fever swamps that cloud so many data center decisions and survived to tell the tale at Symposium.

In our 60-minute session, I intend to ask the panelists how they navigated the knotty issues surrounding the purchase of DCIM, to describe the benefits and shortcomings of their DCIM installation, and to talk about lessons learned.

For those of you looking for solutions to rising energy costs, untamed PUE, stranded space or capacity and hot spots, this session will be a must attend, especially if you are considering a DCIM solution.

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Salute: Providing data center cleaning and industry training


We recently met with Lee Kirby, CEO of Salute Inc. a data center cleaning and installation firm and felt it was important to share what this organization is doing.

Salute provides data center cleaning and installation services that are executed with military precision. The company hires only honorably discharged veterans who have proven values of discipline, reliability and integrity.

“It is a pretty simple value statement and has enormous potential to provide quality services to the data center industry because of our standard operating procedures, hiring practices, training and precision execution,” Kirby said.

“I started out in the Infantry so the second order benefit of Salute’s success, that motivates me personally, is that we are providing jobs for veterans who have the hardest time finding employment after they have served their country. So for me, this is more than business, it is a chance to give back to those I served with for 36 years.”

Salute is putting veterans to work that have value based skills such as discipline, reliability and integrity that will benefit the data center industry. According to Kirby, Salute can provide a better service to the industry with standard operating procedures, hiring practices, training and precision execution.

But probably the most interesting aspect of this program, especially to our Network members who are well aware of the problems hiring data center staff, the Salute program establishes a progressive career platform for veterans to the data center market.

Find contact info for Salute’s team here.

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