2013 Data Center Survey Results, Symposium videos available

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At Symposium 2013 in May, Director of Content Matt Stansberry presented the preliminary results of the third annual Uptime Institute Data Center Industry Survey. This year’s survey asked approximately 1,000 facilities managers, IT managers and industry executives questions on a range of data center- and IT-related topics. The survey reveals some significant and even surprising findings. Of the information Matt covers in his keynote, “State of the Data Center 2013 Survey Results,” there were three big takeaways.

–          DCIM adoption is skyrocketing. The survey has the number at 38% adoption and 32% planning to adopt within the next two years, with capacity planning being the No. 1 driver. Capacity planning mistakes can be costly, and many seem to be implementing DCIM software in hopes of reducing potential errors.

–          Green IT is important in theory rather than in practice. While the majority of respondents described reducing data center energy use as “very important” — especially in Asia and EMEA, less so in North America – organizations haven’t   adopted a financial structure to drive further efficiency. In recent years many facilities managers have made great strides in cutting energy consumption, but with only 16% of IT departments responsible for the power bill, there is currently little incentive to reduce the IT load.

–          Performance and cost reporting is critical to keeping your job. Data center budgets are growing, but much of this money is going toward third-party data center services. The growing appeal of third-party options threatens the jobs of enterprise data center staff, but survey data suggests that operators of enterprise-owned data centers may not be doing all they can to keep operations in-house. A surprising 40% of enterprise data center operators have NO plans to report their cost and performance levels to their executives. Even if it’s in your company’s best interest to continue with enterprise data centers, the C-suite won’t know about it unless you report it. If this trend doesn’t change, it’s enterprise data center jobs on the line.    

The Symposium keynote only scratches the surface of the information you’ll find in this year’s full report on the survey results, however. To download the full PDF, click here.

In the coming weeks on this blog, I’ll highlight the other keynote sessions from Uptime Institute Symposium 2013 with embedded full-length videos and some of my thoughts on the information these speakers present. The videos, along with the slide decks from nearly all the Symposium sessions, have been available to Symposium 2013 attendees since June. But in September, we’ll be releasing a PDF to the general public that showcases all the great presentations from this year’s Symposium. You don’t want to miss this opportunity to access this content from some of the most respected thought leaders in the industry.

You can download the presentations from Symposium 2012 right now!

Also in September, we’ll begin publishing more details about the content of the next Uptime Institute Symposium. If you weren’t able to make it to Santa Clara for Symposium this year, do consider attending in 2014 – the high-quality content and opportunities to network and share ideas make Symposium a fantastic investment for your company and your career.

Symposium Speaker Series: Schneider, Emerson and FORTRUST

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We have started publishing our annual Symposium Speaker Series — video interview with our underwriter keynote speakers. This first edition includes interviews by Kevin Heslin with key executives from Schneider Electric, Emerson Network Power and FORTRUST.

Data center dilemma: Build your own or outsource

DCIM + ITSM: Emerson Trellis and IBM Tivoli partnership

Adopting a modular approach for data center design, construction and delivery

Be sure to register today for Uptime Institute Symposium 2013.

DCIM focus at Uptime Institute Symposium

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From Kevin Heslin, Research Manager with 451 Group.

The sessions at Uptime Institute Symposium 2013 will help you make better decisions regarding DCIM investment and implementation.

This year’s event will feature expert-led sessions from senior DCIM analysts, peer-to-peer sharing on implementation experiences, and presentations from the leading DCIM vendors in the industry.

451 Research senior analyst Rhonda Ascierto will address the special considerations for assessing and procuring DCIM software. Many of the issues she will cover are crucial and worth underscoring, and they may not be part of a routine DCIM assessment or procurement process. Her presentation is based on a 56-page 451 Research report released in December 2012 titled Beyond the Basics: A Guide to Procuring DCIM Software.

The 451 Research team found more than 100 questions that you should ask your DCIM vendor before purchasing a DCIM product. Asking the right questions can help minimize the risk associated with DCIM by helping data center operators purchase the right level of service, avoid potential incompatibilities, and get a suitable pricing model.

451 Research Vice President Andy Lawrence will deliver a keynote entitled The Disrupted Data Center, during which he will discuss advanced DCIM, among other technologies. In my view, Andy is the world’s foremost expert on the DCIM market, with a fantastic track record anticipating how DCIM will affect data center operations. He’s simply “the right guy” to ask about DCIM and a host of other data center issues.

Uptime Institute Director of Content Matt Stansberry will present the 2013 Data Center Industry Survey results, which delve into DCIM adoption statistics, pricing, key features and barriers to adoption. This data will provide you in-depth analysis of what kinds of systems your peers are buying, and how much they’re paying for them.

I will also contribute to the program, moderating a panel of end users who have experience with DCIM implementation. I’ll ask them to describe the results they got and how those results compared with the benefits they expected. We’ll also talk about product selection, pricing, and lessons learned. What’s more, I expect to explore any difficulties the panelists had during the procurement and application processes and find out how they resolved these issues.

Register today for Uptime Institute Symposium. I look forward to seeing you this May in Santa Clara!

Inaugural Uptime Institute Server Roundup Contest

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Howdy partners. We’re pleased to announce the first Uptime Institute Server Roundup. A roundup, according to Merriam-Webster, is the act or process of collecting animals (cattle) by riding around them and driving them in; a gathering in of scattered persons or things.

So get out from behind that desk and saddle up. It’s time to bring in those little doggies holed up in a server closet, sitting idle on the raised floor, wasting power and cooling resources. Based upon our field experience, up to 10% of those servers in your racks aren’t doing anything.

We recently heard of a major enterprise data center in New Zealand, fine cattle country by the way, that removed 20% of its servers that were sitting comatose.

Decommissioning a single 1U rack server can result in $500 per year in energy savings, an additional $500 in operating system licenses, and $1,500 in hardware maintenance costs. That’s not chump change.

Instead of piddling around shaving a point off your PUE, it’s time to get focused on what will make a real difference. It takes hard work to get in there and look for duplicated or unused applications, out-of-date, obsolete servers. We need you to drive in those wobbly old steer and replace them with more efficient, virtualized hardware.

Uptime Institute is offering a reward (or a bounty) on your obsolete machines. All participants in the Uptime Institute Server Roundup will receive a T-shirt and a badge for their web sites. Winners in each category will receive a commemorative rodeo belt buckle to proudly display on their corporate trophy rooms, desks—or if so bold—on their belts. The winners will also receive free passes and a dedicated presentation slot at Uptime Institute Symposium, May 13-17, 2012 in Santa Clara, Calif.

The rules: Two winners will be determined, one for most IT equipment removed, one for largest percentage of IT equipment removed. We don’t care how you get there. Going virtual? Server consolidation? Moving to the cloud? Going out of business?! We don’t care. Just unplug and decommission those machines.

Paperwork: What’s the proof? We want to see a paper trail. Send us change records. Do you Identify machines by server name or serial number. Removed 752 servers? We want to see the submittal of the work. Did you send the hardware to a recycler? Send us the receipt.

Results: We want to know how much energy you saved. Send us the UPS output reading before the change and after the change. You can do it right in the flow of work.

Photos: Send us a few before and after photos. Servers in the cabinets, servers in the docks going out. It doesn’t have to be exhaustive. Extra credit for creativity.

Submit your documents for inspection to Uptime Institute’s Hank Seader ([email protected]). Also send any comments, questions, cowboy jokes. Thanks for your interest. Hike up your Wranglers, unhitch your horses, and get to work.

Deadline: Contest closes Feb 1st, 2012.

Data center infrastructure for cloud computing providers

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In this video Q&A with Emerson Network Power/Liebert VP Peter Panfil, we discuss how public cloud computing providers are driving Liebert’s product design toward more flexible and efficient hardware. We also discuss Emerson Liebert’s private cloud in its new data center in St. Louis. Panfil will be presenting at Uptime Symposium with customer and public cloud computing provider, Raging Wire.

Session info here: Everybody now agrees that cloud services are going to play a very large part in the future of IT. It’s much less clear, however, what this actually means for the physical infrastructure of the data center that is delivering these services. For example, some evidence suggests that virtualized and cloud workloads can introduce much greater volatility in terms of energy consumption, power use, and availability. Furthermore, cloud providers can experience periods of dramatic and unexpected growth. And it may equally be that customers are less “sticky”, moving their workloads out when prices are right, simply because they can. What does this mean for data center designs? Which best practices should be observed in order to experience the benefits of cloud adoption while mitigating potential risks?

Click here to register for Symposium now.