Optimizing data center utilization

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In this video, Shawn Novak, a consultant with Uptime Institute’s Digital Infrastructure Services, discusses how his team applies Uptime Institute’s Digital Infrastructure Roadmap to help companies optimize data center utilization.

Government data center consolidation stumbling blocks

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Uptime Institute’s Steve Carter was quoted last week in a great article in Government Computer News regarding data center consolidation projects in the government sector.

Consolidation and IT optimization can potentially generate a return of $2 for every $1 invested over a 5-year span, Carter said. Technologies such as virtualization and practices gleaned from previous projects can help guide consolidation and move agencies toward those kinds of returns, he noted.

“But it does take upfront seed money,” Carter said. “In a tight budget time, that is the real crux of the issue. It’s just a matter of obtaining the funding and the political will to make that happen.”

New virtualization cost modeling research available from Uptime Institute

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Uptime Institute today published new research Developing a Digital Infrastructure Roadmap for Data Center Virtualization. This publication provides cost modeling for various approaches to server virtualization.

The modeling is based on the business requirements of an actual client and utilizes actual IT hardware profiles and typical growth scenarios. This publication provides meaningful analysis and commentary for any company considering virtualization as a means to manage their IT infrastructure and associated data center facility.

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